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Ground level Pallet Inverter|180 degree Pallet tipper

The lower clamp on this pallet inverter is designed to touch the ground, making it workable with a pallet jack and suitable for workplaces that do not have a forklift. This pallet inverter and changing machine allows for ground-level operation and features a 180-degree reverse function. With its advanced features and efficient design, this machine simplifies the pallet handling process and ensures

Pallet inverter-C series


Ground level Pallet Inverter|180 degree Pallet tipper



Fhope pallet inverter -C series is a special designed series for specific operation. The platform can lower to the ground and workers are able to load without forklift. This modification makes our pallet inverter more flexible than the usually ones. It’s very suitable for opeartion in small factories or warehouses where have limited access to big equipments.


This stationary pallet inverter, the range of using includes a wide variety of products and tray turnover system.Applied in multiple industrial fields such as pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics and various other products such as bags, boxes, vials, bottles, large bags and cans and so on common everyday products.

Some product customers require fixed equipment in the turnover area, and require the number and efficiency of replacement, such as trays per hour.Fixed tray changer can tilt up to 180 degrees, rotate or tilt on (raw materials) and so on.
The maximum weight of the inverter can be loading 1.500 kg, the height of 2.000 mm, the pallet can be manually adjusted frequency converter operation, can also be automatically adjusted by PLC, only a simple button operation.



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