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Inline pallet changer | automatic pallet changing line

This is inline pallet changing machine with conveyor of pallet load automation processing for upending the pallet 90-95 degree.

Inline pallet changer | pallet changing line




Automatic pallet inline changer forms a three clampers with ground level loading which two clampers for holding the pallet left and dright side. The top press down device for fixing the pallet loading in upending. The picture shows the basice element in any pallet changing system. By inverting the product 180 degrees with automatic pallet in-feeding and old pallet stacking, you can retain your own pallets in-house and load containers in double-quick time. An ideal system for product which will be hand-balled out at its destination.

1. Excellent collections. Well-known brands are adopted for main components.
2. Prevent from manual stacking of goods effectively.
3. Strong structure and durable designing.
4. Reduces weight and maximizes cubage in the container.
5. Separate control panel and remote control for safer operation.
6. Clamper speed up the time for clamping, speed of turning is adjustable.
7. Mechanical and electric stop block prevent machine damage.
8. Smooth, accurate, vibration-free motion.
9. Two clampers fits for pallet with different height.
10. The low workking table height to the floor which is able loading the pallet by manual hand trolley load by ramp.
Technical parameter FPFZ - AU100:
Model FPFZ- AU100
Pallet specifications
Length: 1000-1300mm
Height: 1200-2000mm
Pallet weight:1000-2000kg
Pallet loading table :1370x1220mm
Clamper adjusting range :1200-2200mm
Turnover Capacity (T) : 2.0T
Turnover Time Approx (S) :30-50
Turnover Angle :180°
Turnover Body Base
Profile Welding(A3 Steel)
Fixed Mode :Dead Weight
Operation Mode :Panel control/ Wireless Remote Control
Motor Power Approx (Kw) :7.5KW
Power Supply :380v,50/60hz, 3phase
Machine size : App. 2600x1500x2200mm
Configuration list:
180°Inverter Hydraulic and Electrical Configuration
Component Brand
Welding Base FHOPE
Turnover Frame FHOPE
Splint FHOPE
Hydraulic cylinder FHOPE
Hydraulic Motor Shanghai Ben Ma
Gear pump Daojin (Tianjin)
Solenoid valve Hydor
Circuit Breaker Schneider
AC Contactor Schneider
Relay Schneider
Button Switch Schneider



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