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Pallet tipper with two clampler|Pallet Changer

  pallet inverter-B series


Fhope pallet inverter and pallet tipper with dual clamper series are designed for loads with lightweight and multi heights. The inverter turns 180° for workers to change pallets to in-house pallets. It also can be useful when the bottom load is damaged, just invert the whole load and replace the damaged ones. No need to unstack the load and then do the replacement.

It is a multifunctional common equipment, suitable for a variety of industrial industries, such as pharmaceutical, food and beverage, cosmetics, ceramic sector, and other industrial fields. In addition, the inverter can be configured with other systems (automatic pallet replacement logistics system), can be connected to a roller conveyor and automatic online pallet machine.

Safety guarantee: All machines be equipped with safety protection to avoid injury during operation, and comply with the relevant specifications of GMP to achieve high-quality standards. The fixed pallet inverter system provides a safe perimeter that does not allow the operator to enter the hazardous area in front of the machine. For example, the perimeter is equipped with protective nets and secure photoelectric sensing systems to restrict movement areas.

What product range can it be applied?

It is a pallet inverter capable of moving and replacing suitable for many types of products. For example, common items: boxes, vials, containers, bowls, bottles, packaging, big bags, big boxes, buckets, paper buckets, buckets, cans, scrolls, big cartons, paper rolls, plywood and so on related products...

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