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For some die manufacturers, there are many specifications and models of the die and mould which need to be careful handling to aviod impact on the production. Getting more professional choices and get better soltuion for die position changing.The following is a presentation of two mold turnover processing molds and main versions of molds.

a. 180 degree die flipper

Mould Flipping Operation:
Die flipper for Die and mould
Fhope providing heavy tools safely for handling the mould flipping that drive by hydraulic system: turning rotating and tilting heavy molds from 1to 60 tons.
The  equipment  desinged for mold inverted without any impact and damage in handling.

Die flipper for Die and mould


The switch operation of the machine is completed by the independent control cabinet knob.

Turn off to show the power-on state from the meeting, and then the machine is ready to run.
When operating the button, the Angle is out of time due to the clearance of the limit switch, the knob switch can be used to correct.When the button is operated, the angle will change due to the clearance of the limit switch, and the rotation of the switch can correct it.
2、When button switch in use, the emergency stop button must be reset to the raised state. If it is not reset to the raised state, the machine will be unable to operate.
3、 Press the start button with one hand to operate the machine.
4、During machine running, Please do not lower the flip table on either side first to make sure till to the flipping is finished.
5、When both tables are in horizontal, the side on which the weight is placed can be rotated,the situation is very dangerous, must forbid absolutely. It must be 90 degrees from one side to the other, and then can begin to flip running.
6、Oil temperature is fixed at 60 degrees and the motor is 100 degrees.


b. 90 degree die flipper

This is an flipper with two flat working table that is in 90 degree. The machine is able rotating the die with 90 degree. The driving systen can be both mechanical and hydraulic station. The Max.Loading of the flipper can be uotp 60T with heavy duty designing. The manufacturer providing the customized working table and handling designing. The power driving; Motor+ Gear + Chain. The die loading by fork lifter

Die flipper for Die and mould

In purchasing die flipper, they should first understand its supply stability and choose a high-quality flipper. so as to ensure the long life of the equipment and safety handling and operation. They need to communicate with customer service online, understand the latest advantages of products and factors related to price, and get more professional choices in die flipping solution. With the rapid development of industrial productivity, the level of mechanized production is constantly improving, and the performance of mechanized flipper products is constantly changing. High quality products deserve pay attention to. You need to purchase products through professional channels, understand the comprehensive market value of products, and obtain more professional judgments. 



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