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Cold Storage Pallet Inverters for remove Freezer Spacers, Slats, Dividers

For handling the freezing pallet in the cold storage warehoure, the pallet inverter or pallet changer was widly using in this area.

 A. 95 degree pallet inverter

This version is able handling the pallet on manully handling height. Comparing to the stationary palelt inverter, the pallet changing and handling in the regular height without need forklifter to replace the pallet on top of  pallet after 180 degree turning.

The pallet inverter turns the whole pallet load 95°, which makes the skate table slide and separating the space for the pallet changing operation. The motor drived slidding table can be adding for shaking the load and make the freezer spacer fall apart from the cartons.

B. Floor level pallet changer

This is the floor handling pallet changer that is able Easy Loading: It desgined for big pallet with heavy load floor level in-feeding by forknam or forklifter. Easier Operation: Only push the bottom, the pallet ex-changing will be done automatically 

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