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Die & Mold Flipper Solutions

The Flipper is for handling the die and mold in the production that is the key equipment to ensure the worker sercurity. And it makes the heavy load handling be easy.
Die&mold flipper
Name Model: FPFT-10/15/20/30/40
Voltage: AC380V,50Hz   can be customized per your power supply 
Flipping Speed: 40-90s (Adjustable)
     Flipping Degree Standard or adjusting angle of turning:90°
Flip mold or die Max weight:10/15/20/30/40T
Max flip angle:90°
Machine Size L2000mm*W2000mm (very from the Max.Loading)
Machine Weight App. 4.0T/5.0T/6.0T
Work Noise ≤70DB
Environmental condition Wet≤98%,Temp 0±40℃

1、Machine is operated by independent control cabinet and remote panel.
switch from OFF to ON is the current state with power.Flipping Machine running on manual or automatic mode.
2. Befer button or switch on, the emergency stop button must be off. The E-stop is able stop the machine in any turning angle and operation procession.
3、Two working table runing at the same time.
4、Only finishing the flipping procession the working table can be lay down to the orginal position.
5. Keeping the gap between mold and flipping table 15cm in loading, the too narrow space may clash the mold.

Die&mold flipper

Most of user believe that quality die and mold flipping products helps to improving the production efficiency. We have a variety of flipping table to choose from. If the machine in data list not meatching your  products, feel free to contact with our team.

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