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The pallet tipper in the market is also called pallet flipper.  This design is mainly used to extract or replace the pallet after the goods on the pallet rotate 90 degrees. It is convenient for forklift loading and unloading goods and manual pallet change. The design of the tray turning machine is based on many years of experience. It is stable in lifting and rotating, very convenient, and can greatly improve the working efficiency Pallet change hydraulic motor hzbmr 250, stable rotation, stable performance, low noise Hz5kw lifting pump station 1400R / min, displacement 10.0ml/r, powerful, easy to work for a long time Our hydraulic system adopts high-quality multi-channel valve, which can realize stable turning with high safety. We can choose the power supply suitable for different countries according to the requirements of different countries The tray turnover machine is mainly used for turnover and replacement of whole tray goods in cement, particle, plastic film, food can, chemical industry, medicine and other industries.

Pallet tipper| Pallet flipper | single clamper


This pallet tipper is used to turn the heavy goods into 90 degrees, which makes it more convenient to change one pallet into another. Pallet tippers are usually used independently. The pallet can be moved or stacked by rotating frames, or they can be moved into containers. Workers can use hydraulic pressure to control the docking of products and operators to drive forklift-like devices. The pallet tipper can reduce the use of labor and time, and it also has the function of manual stacking. The safety performance of the pallet tipper is one of the main reasons why it is used by many companies, and it improves productivity. If the pallet is moved or transferred by manual workers, the probability of personal injury and commodity damage will be greatly increased.

The application of pallet tippers also covers other industries, such as the chemical industry, which can prevent other commodities from being polluted. These pallet tippers can rotate any commodity within the maximum load range, and the angle can be switched (both 90 degrees and 180 degrees can be used). They can remove the cement from the mold by turning the load over.

Pallet tipper| Pallet flipper | single clamper


Mobile pallet tippers are the most commonly used flip and replace systems because they do not require a restricted area to operate the job. It is a movable pallet truck. It can be used anywhere as a normal mobile device. Moving the tray can be on the product (raw material) and without turning or tilting (finished product).

How is the pallet tipper operated? 

Pallet replacement can start with the shipment of goods (product + pallet), and the button panel with commands is used to control the product to flip at 180 degrees. The operator then manually picks up the old pallet and replaces it with a new one. At the end of this operation, the inverter is turned to the initial starting position. Tray replacement operation can also be performed at 90 degrees if the product is stable (e.g. box) shape.

Pallet tipper| Pallet flipper | single clamper


The automatic pallet tipper system supports the production, storage and cleaning of products with respect to current hygiene regulations. Traditional wooden pallets are strong, economical and easy to transport, but are not suitable for use in the production field due to their shape (easy to transport bacteria). This is especially unacceptable in the sterile production area of pharmaceutical and food companies.

In addition, pallet warehouse storage needs very good conditions, need high-quality pallets, therefore, increase the high cost. Many companies still use the same cargo pallets, high object pallets, to transport their products, resulting in material and economic losses.

Therefore, our automatic pallet tipper machine is currently the highest performance in the production and transportation process of a replacement machine.

Pallet tipper| Pallet flipper | single clamper

1.Protect the package and eliminate damage

A tray pallet inverter will greatly improve the safety of operation and help you reduce the cost of production, storage, distribution and retrieval of products. At the same time, it makes pallet "exchange" fast and easy, which the load and products can be automatic changing pallets to arrival pallets, and also from a cardboard or rented pallet. Other features of our pallet flipper include:
1. Reverse or transfer different pallet load types by height adjustment
2. Different ways for pallet loading and convenient for forklift transportation and un-loading
3. Easy to cooperated and connection by forklift, forkman
4. Safety handrail protection and higher level light bean protection is available.
5. Maintenance the stability of the load
6. Holding the balance valve and maintait the right pressure

7. Feet block photo eyes to prevent potential pinch points. 

Pallet tipper| Pallet flipper | single clamper Pallet tipper| Pallet flipper | single clamper Pallet tipper| Pallet flipper | single clamper
Pallet tipper| Pallet flipper | single clamper Pallet tipper| Pallet flipper | single clamper Pallet tipper| Pallet flipper | single clamper

Pallet tipper| Pallet flipper | single clamper

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