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95 degree Pallet tipper | pallet exchanging machine

This hydraulic pallet exchanger rotates pallets 95 degrees for easy pallet changing. Driven by a high-quality hydraulic system with international brand components, it delivers long-lasting performance with a 2-ton maximum load capacity. The skid table is designed for safely handling frozen product pallets, making this a practical choice for cold storage and frozen warehousing applications.

95 ° Pallet Exchanger



95 degree Pallet tipper|Pallet Changer|pallet exchanging machine


If you want to find useful equipment which can be used in the warehouse and frozen food industry, the Fhone pallet exchanger is your perfect choice. This machine can make the product be loaded by forklift or pallet truck. And then, you can easily handle with the stacked cartons and frozen food boxes which are blocked.

This kind of pallet exchanger can rotate the load by 95 degrees, and the skateboard table we designed can start to shake the load by adding a motor, and finally the frozen spacer can fall from the carton.Want to make it easier to change pallet and remove frozen spacer? Then try our pallet exchanger!



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