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Automatic Coil Packaging line

Automatic Coil Packaging line



Automatic vertical type metal coil packaging line including turnstile, coil taker, trolley, strapping machine, coil wrapping machine, conveyor, stacking machine, upender & pallet wrapping machine. The solution can be designing base on the operation requirement. And the machines can be assembly to get your packaging goal...

The designing of  Coils Packing Line can be connect with your slitting line. And also can be installed in your warehouse individually. We offer the best metal coil packaging solution which ensure your maximum packaging production and save your labor cost. And it providing a safety operation process for your staff.



Automatic Coil Packaging line

                  Vertical coil packaging line                                                                        


This metal coil packaging line is vertical type solution composed of turnstile, coil car, weighing device, strapping machine, stacking system, conveyor line and etc. It can be used for separating, strapping, wrapping machine and weighing devices.  The control system is by electric cabinet and operation platform with supervisory control system, and each part can be operated separately by manual.

`Automatic Coil Packaging lineAutomatic Coil Packaging line


Coil Turnstile: For connecting with coil car for loading  the slit coil.

Coil car: For moving the coil from packaging loading and unloading.

Coil down ender: For picking the slit coil from turnstile and changing coil from vertical to horizontal and moving to conveyor.

Coil strapping machine:  For coil strapping by PET/PE/steel belt.

Coil wrapping machine: For coil eye cross wrapping with different packing material.

Coil Stacking machine: For  moving and and storage the packed coil on pallet.


Automatic Coil Packaging lineAutomatic Coil Packaging line

Turnstile                                                                Down ender

Automatic Coil Packaging lineAutomatic Coil Packaging line

Coil strapping machine                                      Coil pallet stacker




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