Steel Coil&wire coil wrapping packing machine Máy đóng gói dây thép cuộn và cuộn dây

Coil packing machine is a popular choice in the steel coil industry due to its ease of handling. This machine allows for vertical loading and unloading from the top of the machine using a crane, making it a convenient option for many steel coil manufacturers.

There are various packaging materials available for the machine, including stretch film, crepe paper, and woven belts. The size of the machine is customized based on the required information of the coil’s outer diameter, inner diameter, and width or thickness. Additionally, the wrapping speed, packing material, and wrapping layer can be adjusted to meet the specific needs of the customer.

Overall, the classical simplified coil packing machine is an efficient and practical solution for steel coil packaging. Its ability to accommodate various packaging materials and be tailored to specific coil dimensions and packing needs makes it a valuable asset for steel coil manufacturers looking to optimize their packaging process.

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