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steel sheet upender and sheet load inverter

The steel sheet load inverter is designed to change the position of steel sheets or remove the pallet from the bottom. Our manufacturer offers advanced load inverters capable of turning steel sheets 180 degrees to change their orientation or remove the pallet from the package. With its reliable performance and efficient operation, our steel sheet load inverter is ideal for businesses looking for a

steel sheet inverter & upender


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A Heavy Capacityload inverter was designed and manufactured to rotate Max15Tload 180 degree. To assure safety and provide smooth, even transition during the tilting operation thetilter featuresdurable acting hydraulic cylinder.


1. Basic parameters of the machine can be designed according your load specification.

2. C type structure for heavy object 180 degree turning.

3. Powerful motor drive withHeavy designed structure.

4. Quality hydraulic system for load clamping in rotation.

5. Speed of turning is adjustable.

6. Mechanical and electric stop block for safety operation.

7. Control panel or Remote operation.

8. Automatic stop.

9. Smooth, accurate, vibration-free motion.

10. Max.pressure 14Mpa.

11.  Actuation: double acting hydraulic cylinders..

12.  Way of loading: via forklifter

13.  Automatic position lock up and position soft reset for accident power off.



Technical parameter:

Load info

L = 100-3000MM x W 250-1850 x H =10-350mm   

 Weight =15T

Hydraulic system
Hydraulic cylinder
OD 100mm
Machine size

APP. L3000 x W2200 x H2600mm   

Weight =4T



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