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Mechanical type tilter and upender

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Mechanical device has been designed for many years in metallurgical industry, and its structure and function have not been updated. Why? Is it really difficult or difficult to update the new technology? The updated and customized mechanical winder needs a special technological progress, innovation spirit and other support. It is driven by power supply, and the turnover speed can be adjustable, which will remain stable during the turnover process. Fhopepack has independent R & D capability and continuously absorbs the most advanced technology in the world. We have led to the innovation of customer service from different industries.
1. Workbench with conveyor system
2. Powerful design for each different load.
3. Emergency stop and position lock function to avoid rotation.
4. Two displacement limiters are authorized for safe operation
5. The machine can be parked at any angle.
6. Frequency converter control, fast, stable and safe.

1.   Control panel or remote control
2.   Invertors for adjusting the speed

  Fpct-05 Fpct-10 Fpct-20 Fpct-30
Power supply (v/hz) Ac 380/50( or your requirement)
Power consumption (kw) 2.5 3.5 6.5 8.5
Max. Loading 5t 10t 20t 30t
Speed (sec/set) 20-40 20-40 20-40 20-50

Fhopepack believes that each customer needs to be a partner, so we focus on providing high quality mechanical turnover machines, providing professional help for long-term business, and focusing on providing high quality electric tilterand maintenance to attract duplication of business. Before the delivery, the mechanical coiler is strictly inspected by the quality engineer to ensure that the machine is easy to work and good packing effect. Our engineers can debug equipment and provide operator training at the buyer's site.
Upender with conveyor



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