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Upender and tilter with conveyor

Upender with conveyor can turn heavy objects in operation which is used in metallurgical industry much years in the market.he equipment has good stability and solid structure. The machine can be provided of easy operation and nice security for the operator.The advantage of this machine is that it has a small amount of maintenance.

Upender with conveyor


Online coil upender works well with fast and productive factory lines. Roller tables are built on the platform for receiving or delivering the coming goods. Driven by motor and accessorized with photoeyes, it’s fully controlled by the system automatically.
Fast turnover speed, coils can be tilted 90 degrees around 50 seconds. The control desk is away from the working area, gives much more safety and convenience to the operators.
For extending machine’s worklife and reduce scratch, we placed nylon panels on the V saddle. Reserved cutout makes the pallet fixed in place. Our dedicated engineers have also come up with the idea of leaving a narrow space for C hook hoist loading and unloading after study of customer’s feedback. This escapes possible collision between the device and machine.
1. Automatic turnover with conveyor system on platform.
2. Powerful design for heavy loads.
3. Emergency stop and position lock function to avoid rotation.
4. Two displacement limiters are authorized for safe operation.
5. Machine able to be stoped at any angle.
6. Frequency converter control, fast, stable and safe.
7. Nylon panels placed on the V saddle reduce damages to machine.
Reserved narrow gap for avoiding the possible collision during C hook hoisting.
1.   Control desk or remote control.
2.   Manual/auto control mode.
3.   Inverters for adjusting the speed.

We are building partnerships with our customers as our concept is to provide high quality machineries and professional service to the market.
Every set of our upenders are carefully checked and tested before shipping out. Our online aftersale service responses to your requests within 3 hours after your call or e-mail. Experienced technicans are able to be assigned to your site for machine erection, debugging and free trainning.



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