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Paper Roll Upender | roll tilter | Tipper

A heavy-duty roll upender securely handles paper rolls, carpet rolls, and curtains. With a sturdy, durable design, it facilitates safe and efficient loading and unloading of large rolls. FHope Manufacturing provides reliable equipment for industrial material handling applications.The upender driven by hydraulic station and cylinder for 90 degree turning in 10 sec.The working table shape and size c

Roll upender


Roll upender | Roll tilter

Model FZ-H02
Line voltage 220V, 60Hz, 3phases
Power consumption 2.0kW
Load object plastic film roll
Load length Max. 2400mm
Load outer diameter (OD) 1000mm
Load weight 1600kg
Tilting angle 90°
Capacity 2000kg
Inverter Delta
Noise <78db
  • The roll upender is very sturdy, the design structure is heavy, and the service life cycle is long. 
  • Able to adjust its turning speed
  • The machine has automatic settings and can automatically stop operation. 
  • The roll upender can run without vibration and can maintain smooth and accurate operation.
  • Two way back pressure technical
  • The dumping and turning of the machine are driven by hydraulic cylinders.
  • With an independently designed electrical panel control, it can make the operation of the machine easier and safer.
  • The average annual effective length of work is 7200h.
  • The working air temperature is between -50℃ and +40℃
  • The maximum dust content is only 3mg/cum
NO. Items Quantity
1 Tilter Structure 1 set for each
2 Hydraulic working station 1 set for each
3 Spare parts, manual 1 set for each




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