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Roll upender | Roll tilter

Model FZ-H02
Line voltage 220V, 60Hz, 3phases
Power consumption 2.0kW
Load object plastic film roll
Load length Max. 2400mm
Load outer diameter (OD) 1000mm
Load weight 1600kg
Tilting angle 90°
Capacity 2000kg
Inverter Delta
Noise <78db
Roll upender
Roll upender
  • The roll upender is very sturdy, the design structure is heavy, and the service life cycle is long.
  • Able to adjust its turning speed
  • The machine has automatic settings and can automatically stop operation.
  • The roll upender can run without vibration and can maintain smooth and accurate operation.
  • Two way back pressure technical
  • The dumping and turning of the machine are driven by hydraulic cylinders.
  • With an independently designed electrical panel control, it can make the operation of the machine easier and safer.
  • The average annual effective length of work is 7200h.
  • The working air temperature is between -50℃ and +40℃
  • The maximum dust content is only 3mg/cum
NO. Items Quantity
1 Tilter Structure 1 set for each
2 Hydraulic working station 1 set for each
3 Spare parts, manual 1 set for each

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