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It is mainly applied to turn the objectsin metallurgical industry. Different handing goals could have different custom solutions. The Drive systom can be hydraulic and the conveyor can be connected. You can adjust the speed by invertors. To avoid rotation, the machine is equipped with Emergence stop and position locking function. Moreover, you can control it remoutely.

Coil Tilter Upender



The coil upender/coil tilter is mainly applied to the objects in metallurgical industry. It is also widely used in module ending, coil rotation, module subversion and subversion. This machine is suitable for steel coil, coil and aluminum coil, and can be customized according to user requirements. It can be customized according to customer requirements.


1. Mechanical structure, motor drive, helical gear and worm reducer.
2. Redesign the four roll device.
Three, frequency conversion speed control makes the machine fast, stable and safe.
4. Two limiter to ensure safe operation
5. Stop and keep power at any angle at the turn.
6. Emergency stop and lock-in function to avoid rotation.
1. Control panel or remote control
2. Inverters for adjusting the speed
3. Worm gear motor is optional


 Item FPCT-03 FPCT-05 FPCT-10 FPCT-30
Power Supply (V/Hz) AC 380/50( or your requirement)
Power  (KW) 1.3 2.0 2.5 5.5
Max. Loading 3T 5T 10T 30T
Speed (sec/set) 50-90 50-90 60-90 60-100

Fhopepack produces custom wrapper and processing equipment such as coils, Winder, reel, stacker, palletizier and conveyor for customers in the steel industry from copper and aluminum packaging products more heavy. In Shanghai, China, we are rich in diversity, providing our customers with excellent experience, innovative and sustainable customized production processing solutions.
Fhopepack provides multiple processing options, including conveyor and hydraulic system filtration. The product has the main line movement, the coil turning... We provide package design, testing and installation services.


Fhope presents an entirely new motor drived Upender for bodies coming into view of a mixture unit into conveyor. Before coming into the conveyor line these load bodies require to be placed vertical from a horizontal position to a vertical position. Fhope helps to get the method to set bodies vertical position in one even movement. As a consequence from this reach, and in comparison with prevalent systems, bodies remain at the similar height from getting into to leave this new Upender. 

No matter what model you select, you can be confirmed that the upender  will assist you to securely transport and handling you load. They are particularly planned to offer a safe and protective environment for your operator while it faces to the heavy load upto ton. Maximum models will provide the capacity to change the loading position 



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