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FHOPEPACK's versatile aluminum coil packaging machines offer a wide array of solutions for businesses with various packing goals.

The company offers an extensive selection of packaging machines, starting with eye-through wrapping systems. These systems ensure that the aluminum coils are securely wrapped while maintaining visibility of the coil's eye, making product identification and handling more convenient. Additionally, FHOPEPACK's stretch wrapping solutions guarantee that coils are tightly and evenly wrapped, providing excellent protection against damage and moisture.
FHOPEPACK also offers innovative stacking solutions, allowing for efficient and organized storage of aluminum coils. By using advanced technology and precision engineering, these machines enable safe and stable stacking to optimize warehouse space and improve overall logistics.
To cater to the diverse needs of the industry, FHOPEPACK has developed comprehensive packing lines that integrate multiple packaging processes. These automated lines streamline the workflow, reduce labor costs, and increase productivity, making them a valuable addition to any aluminum coil production facility.With a commitment to quality and efficiency, FHOPEPACK continues to be a reliable partner for all your aluminum coil packaging needs.

Aluminum Coil Packaging Machine

  • Aluminum coil paper packing machine with trolley

    Aluminum coil paper packing machine with trolleyThe Aluminum Coil Paper Packing Machine with Trolley is an advanced and efficient solution for wrapping aluminum coils. Its features include an adjustable wrapping speed, customizable wrapping layers, and automatic material releasing. The trolley system simplifies transportation of the coils, reducing manual labor and increasing ...

  • Aluminum coil wrapping machinery FPA-400

    Aluminum coil wrapping machinery FPA-400The FPA-400 is an automatic machine that protects aluminum coils during shipping. It can wrap coils up to 400mm wide and 500kg and uses a cutting system to reduce waste. It's vital for the aluminum industry to ensure coils arrive undamaged....

  • Aluminum master coil packing machine and stretch wrapper

    Aluminum master coil packing machine and stretch wrapperThe Stainless Aluminum Master Coil Packing Machine and Stretch Wrapper is a state-of-the-art packaging solution designed to streamline the process of packing aluminum master coils....

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