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      The solution was designed for woodworking industry ,which meet for the packaging of the wooden, panel, board, door, lumber...

Please click below list for your packaging solution.

        Panel Wrapping Machine

Panel wrapping machine is can be designed according different sides of panel and no length limited. Max.width can be 2000mm

      Panel Shrinking machine

 The package by Panel shrinking machine is with smoothly, nicely surface. But it has some limited about the sides of panel.

                   Panel Stretch hood

 The next generation packing solution for the pallet packaging. High speed, energy save, nice

surface. It shall be the replacement of...

               Timber packaging machine

 Lumber/timber wrapping machine is differently according the shape of your package. It can be pallet wrapping, can be horizontal wrapping. For the best packing solution you can click above list


                   Lumber Shrinking

 Lumber shrinking machine is the one of  highest speed packing machine which is from 1-14M per minute, The production can be double 28M per minute according your requirement.



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