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Automatic shrinking machine manufacturer in China

Our team provides different shrinking packing machine solution via different products with small size and big load...such as Shrinking machine,Shrinking wrapping machine,Shrink packaing

Shrink wrap machines for your film packaging needs

FHOPE takes pride in introducing this extensive lineup of automated industrial packaging solutions. With the latest sealing technology at their core, our shrink wrapping machines are created to take manual handling out of your production line and thus make your operations more cost-efficient. They can be used to enclose, bundle, and protect objects of various sizes for further transportation or storage.
We ensure the compliance of our machinery with a range of requirements in terms of sustainability and safety. This makes FHOPE shrinking solutions great for many industries, including pharmaceutical, food and beverage, etc.
Each of the automatic shrink wrap machines found here has been taken through multiple quality assurance steps. Plus, they come with their production details being integrated into their control units. You can access them for further reference at any industrial stage if needed.
As a globally recognized manufacturer, FHOPE offers the highest level of R&D, production, and after-sales service. You can find our industrial shrink wrap machines in many series and configurations as we always aim to expand the area of their applications. For more specific uses or production lines, we also provide customized equipment. Whatever your shrink film needs are, we are here to cover all the bases.
FHOPE’s shrink wrap machines are designed to facilitate your packaging processes by expediting and automating them. It won’t take long for the operator to get the hang of their functioning, especially after we provide commissioning assistance. Besides that, our machinery encompasses such features as:
Improved item protection
Once you load a machine with shrink wrap and start the operation cycle, this film will be automatically heated to cover your items. By compressing them, it will create a protective layer to make sure the packaging is dust- and moisture-proof. Depending on the film being used, your products may also get an extra shield against harmful UV effects.
Puncture-resistant packaging
If you use top-grade plastic film with our shrink wrappers, it will become highly resistant to wear and tear once heated. Unlike poor-quality options, it can preserve its protective properties even at extreme temperatures. This, along with tight sealing, makes it perfect for transportation applications.
With an automated shrink wrap packaging system, you can save plenty of time on preparing your products for transportation or storage. Additionally, it allows you to maximize your warehouse space by making it easier to organize pallets, boxes, and containers.

One of the best features of FHOPE’s shrink wrappers is that they can be configured for a plethora of packaging applications. They are unmatched in their adjustability, ensuring that the film seals tightly over any item, from foodstuffs to large hardware parts.


L-Bar Shrink Wrap Machine

Side Seal Shrink Wrap Machine

Shrink Bundling Machine

Horizontal Flow Shrinking Machine

Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine


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