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Board Packing Machine

Board Packing Machine
Board Packing Machine Board Packing Machine
Board Stretch Wrapping Machine Automatic Board Shrinking Machine
Board Packing Machine Board Packing Machine
 Automatic Board shrink wrapping machine Automatic Board Packaging Line
There are different series packaging solution for board packaging requirement that is from semiauto equipment for offline packaging. to automatic packaging line for online packaging. Our solution help your handling the board from gathering the board, stacking the board, palletizing the board. Counting and weighing solution can be add before or after packing.
The packaging solution includes wrapping and shrinking machine. Just let us know your packaging goal, our team will suggest you a suitable solution per your specification with drawing and video demo.

Automatic shrinking system. Best shrinking solution. Window, board, profile and other wide and flat items are applicable.Save packaging material and labor, create productivity and marketability. High return from this kind board shrinking machine.
1.     Shrink wrapping system.
2.     Full sides shrinking.
3.     Production line is optional.
4.    Manual and automatic infeed systems are available.
5.    Best suitable packing materials:PE, PVC, POF.
6.     Adding a worktable to the end of machine is optional.
7.     Constant temperature heat sealing and cutting systems.
8.     The sealing width is adjustable.
9.     The infeed speed is adjustable.
10.   Excellent hot shrink craft.
11.   Friendly sealing system, no smelly gas.
1.Sealing part
Control: PLC
Structure material: Carbon steel
Packing objects:
Length: 800-4000mm
Width: 700-1200mm
Height: 20-300mm
Height of working table: app. 800mm
Conveyor speed: app. 4-9m/min
Packaging type: Full packaging
Packing material:  PE/POF/PVC film with reserve pore.
Sealing part power consumption: app.2.0KW
Power supply: 380V
Air supply: 6~8kgf/cm2
2. Shrinking part
Structure material: Carbon steel
Shrinking tunnel:4000mm
Shrinking side: W 1200mm x 300mm
Heating power consumption: App.15Kw
Calorific: 4PCS
Cooling fans: 1 Group
Drive part: Frequency control motor
Conveyor speed: app. 6m/min
Temperature: 100℃-220℃
Packing material: PE/POF film with reserve pore.
Power supply: 380V

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