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Door packing solution

Door packing solutions involved: wrapping

machinery, shrinking machinery. You can choose a suitable packing solution according

you packing goal and specification requirement


         Window packing solution

The popular packing machine for the window in the market is wrapping machine with LLDPE and shrinking machine with PE. Semiatuo and automatically are available from FHOPE.


       Panel packing solution

There is rich experience for providing panel packing solution for PVC panel, Sandwich panel, wooden panel...FHOPE owns ability to provide wrapping or shrinking solution for your requirement



Floor packing

There are two solutions for  floor packing. One is wrapping package, another is shrinking package. Automatic shrink wrapping solution is the most popular packing method for floors. Smooth surface, well protection by PE.

 Board packing

The picture shows the automatic horizontal wrapping machine for board, door, profiles...

The packing material is LLDPE which suitable for  transportation package. The shrinking solution is also available also.

   Lumber packing

The lumber packing solution is little bit like floor packing solution. According to the different size of the lumber packaging. There is pallet wrapping machine, horizontal wrapping machine and shrinking machine can meet your packing goal.




Aluminum profile wrapping machine is as picture attached. Fhope is able to provide shrinking packaging solution for the profile.

The machine can be a totally automatically equipment involves material feeding, stocking&cutting


Pipe wrapping machine or plastic pipe wrapping machine is a efficiency packing solution for PPR pipe, PVCpipe...The packing speed is upto 12m/min.



Steel pipe

Steel pipe wrapping machine is for stainless steel pipe bundle, galvanize pipe bundle, steel rod bundle with paper, HDPE, stretch film packing material. The machine can be connect with the strapping machine or hexagon shaping mahcine.




The rod/bar wrapping machine is the best packing solution in the market for steel rod, copper rod, copper bar...The machine can be automatically work control by PLC&HMI.

Pipe coating machine

There is supplying pipe coating system for  in-field or  in-situ wrapping machine/tool for pipe line construction.



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