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Automatic shrink wrapping machine for bottles

FHOPE provides Bottle shrink bundling machine. It’s an automatic machine for shrink bundling applications, such as sealers, tunnels or add-ons. For bottle packing, the machine will be available for a feeder to make bottles into groups. So the packing film can afford several pounds. A shrink film is applied to hold and make sure multiple bottle together. And, transition line and storage are option

Bottle shrink bundling machine | water bottle


Animation video of Automatic shrink bundling machine for bottle


Automatic bundling shrink for bottle case packaging is provided by FHOPE. Bottle case packaging is a modern economy and society's rapid development of production capacity and the actual requirements and specific requirements of consumables. It also closely matches the characteristics of modern transportation and logistics development. It not only meets the needs of consumers, but also creates more economic value for manufacturers. Therefore, how to better and faster packaging is an urgent need for bottle manufacturers.

The many features of this machine make it the perfect choice for bottle case packaging. It has more durable sealing cutters than standard sealing blade, and nice shrink tunnel, except for bottle grouping device. Hot knife sealer is perfect used for sealing blade of shrink bundling. A good knife can be used for many years. Shrinking tunnel has several pieces of external cooling fans, blower system and heater group. Two cooling fans play a key role in high speed cooling process. The rollers of conveyor in the tunnel is coated non-stick material to last years and helpful for bottle case to go through them.



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