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The pallet inverter is an efficient floor-level handling machine designed for pallet handling. This equipment is constructed with high-quality components from well-known brands, ensuring reliable and durable performance. With its advanced features and user-friendly design, the pallet inverter is an ideal choice for businesses seeking an efficient and effective solution for pallet handling. This ma

pallet inverter | floor level handling


Pallet inverter | floor level handling





1. The machine configuration is excellent, and the main components are from well-known brands.
2. It can effectively replace the manual stacking of goods and reduce the risk of operation.
3. Sturdy structure, durable and low maintenance cost.
4. The machine weight is optimized and the volume of the container is maximized.
5. It can be equipped with a control cabinet and a remote control at the same time, making the operation more convenient and safer.
6. Double clamps speed up the clamping time, and the flipping speed is adjustable.
7. Mechanical and electrical stop blocks prevent machine from damage caused by overload.
8. The turning is accurate and stable, without vibration during the process.


Technical parameter                          
Pallet width                     1000-1100mm                             
Pallet length                     1000-1300mm                                 
Height(including goods)                        1100-2200mm                
Max load                       2000kg                             
Driven type                       Hydraulic                                            
Power supply                       380V, 50Hz, 3Ph                                                       
Main motor                        5.5Kw                                                                 








Safety facilities
(1) Main switch: main power switch
(2) Overload phase failure protection: protect the pump station motor
(3) Current limiting valve: control the falling speed
(4) Protective net: prevent entry into dangerous areas
(5) Control power supply AC24V: ensure safe operation    




Guarantee value of the machine:
A.Effective working hour: 7200h/year.
B.Noise control of the equipment working environment: It must meet the national requirement for noise control.
C.Emission standard: Emission of the waste gas and waste water meet national requirements.






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