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The Pallet Inverter with two clamps is designed for heavy pallet load handling, with a capacity of up to 2T. The specific models of pallet inverters may vary in their features, performance, and availability. The 180° Pallet Inverter includes two clampers for holding the pallet load, with a range of 800-1800mm. With its advanced features and reliable performance, the Pallet Inverter is an ideal cho

Pallet Inverter with two clamper | Heavy laoding 2T



Pallet Inverter with two clamper Heave laoding 2T


This is a 180°Pallet Inverter that includes two clampers for holding the pallet load from 800-1800mm. That made for heavy loading upto 2T. The pallet loading and unloading by fork lifter. By inverting the product 180 degrees, the pallet can be changed from top side.


Two-clamper pallet inverters are designed to securely grip the pallet from both sides and rotate it 180 degrees, effectively turning the pallet and its load upside down.


This type of pallet inverter is typically used in industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing where products need to be flipped for storage, transportation, or processing. They can help reduce the risk of injury and damage to products during handling and are often designed to be used with a range of pallet sizes and weights.



Model:   FPFZ-C02

Specifications : Length (1000-1200) x Weight(1000-1200)mm

Height: 800-1800mm

Turnover Capacity (T):  2.0T

Turnover Time: Approx (S)25-35

Turnover Angle: 180°

Turnover Body BaseProfile Welding(A3 Steel)

Fixed Mode: By bolt

Operation: ModePanel control/ Wireless Remote Control

Motor PowerAA: Approx (Kw)5.5KW

Power Supply: 380v,50/60hz, 3phase

Machine size: App. L2200mm x W1450mm x H2000mm



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