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Automatic Bubble Film Wrapping Machine Design For Heating Plate

Our bubble film wrapping machine is expertly designed for heating plates, with a special design tailored to meet our customers' unique packaging requirements. As a part of the Fhope Group, we offer innovative solutions to optimize your packaging process and enhance the protection of your products. Trust us to deliver a reliable and efficient bubble film wrapping machine that meets your specific ne

Automatic bubble film wrapping machine



Automatic bubble film wrapping machine


This is the bubble film wrapping machine for heating plate.


Following is the special designing for meeting the customer's packaging requirement after checking the operation process with packing materials.


Automatic bubble film wrapping machine


Automatic bubble film wrapping machine


Heater plate: Maximum circumscribed circle 400-800mm Length: 600-2000mm Height <200mm

Weight: 5-50kg

Feeding conveyor line: 2000mm with power
Discharge conveyor line: 2000mm with power
Ring speed: 20-100r/min
Power: about 2.5kw
Power supply: 380v, 3PH. 60Hz
Packing material: PE film/stretch film
OD: 100-200mm Width: 150-200mm ID: 50mm
Bubble film: OD: 200-500mm width: 300-1000mm


1. The outer diameter of the bubble film is expanded to 1200mm
2. Increase the grating beam to detect problems, the signal density is 10mm
3. The inner diameter of the stretch film is changed to 50mm
4. The sealing and cutting knife head is widened, extending 15mm from the splint
5. The feeding direction of the stretch film roll is adjusted to the direction of the discharge conveyor line (need to be confirmed by Fengding)
6. Docking with front-line programs to realize automatic loading and unloading.
7. Solve the problem that the film is easily clamped in when the cutter is reset.
8. The shortest package is 400mm
9. The adjustment range of the installation mechanism has a larger margin
10. Adjust the beam on the bottom of the cutter cylinder to move it to a position where it does not interfere with the cutter cylinder.
11. Adjust the feeding position of the lower roll film, consider placing it on its side.
12. Consider the Teflon treatment of the cutter splint
13. Provide more information about the stretch film roll company
14. Can realize single-layer, single-piece product packaging
15. Cancel or reduce the spring pressure because it is easy to flatten the bubble film
16. Consider the outer diameter of the film roll 220-250mm
17. Consider automatic identification of the length of products of different lengths
18. When packaging small products, consider that the object is small and light, and the bubble film cannot be moved.

19. Consider SCJ for down-pressing cylinder

20. Consider the PVC belt line for the heaviest object 55kg. Lightest object weight 4.8Kg



Automatic bubble film wrapping machine




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