steel wire coil wrapping machine and packing machine

Steel wire coil wrapping machine and packing machine


A specialized steel wire coil wrapping machine is designed to wrap large wire coils, such as those containing PC wire or other heavy wire types. These machines can accommodate wire coils up to 800 mm in width. They have a heavy-duty construction and components to handle the size and weight of the wide wire coils.

The machine wraps the steel wire coils with stretch wrap film, paper, or other packaging materials to protect them during storage and shipping. It features an automated coil loading system to place coils onto the wrapping turntable. The turntable then rotates the coil as wrapping material is dispensed and bound around the circumference of the coil. A strapping or sealing system is used to securely close off the packaging material once the coil is fully wrapped.

These heavy-duty coil wrapping machines allow wide steel wire coils to be packaged efficiently and cost-effectively in high volumes. They reduce the manual labor required and possibility of injury from manually wrapping the large, heavy wire coils.

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