horizontal orbital stainless steel coil wrapping machine

Horizontal Orbital Stainless Steel Coil Wrapping Machine

A horizontal orbital steel wire coil wrapping machine is used to wrap wire coils with binding material. It consists of a coil conveyor, coil positioning stations, a wrapping ring, and a binding material dispenser. The conveyor moves steel wire coils into the positioning stations, which automatically locate and orient the coils for wrapping.

The wrapping ring then orbits around and over each coil while dispensing binding material, such as steel or polymer strapping. The strapping is wrapped tightly around the circumference of the coil as the ring moves over it. Once strapped, the conveyor moves the coiled wire out of the machine, with the process repeating for each coil.

This type of automated horizontal wire coil wrapping machine can process wire coils at a rapid rate with a high degree of consistency and quality. It reduces the manual labor required to strap wire coils and minimizes the risk of injury from hand-wrapping the sharp steel strapping and wire.

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