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Panel shrinking machine is a fully automatic shrinking machine developed by FHOPE team for boards, strips, floors, etc. According to different length, suitable for the length of 0,5 meters to very long products, high packaging efficiency, beautiful packaging, greatly save labor and material costs.



Features of Panel shrinking machine:

Full sides shrinking packaging for great surface.

Sensors for inducing fix the position.

Two modes, auto/manual for easily operation.

PE or POF film can be chosen using for 3 sides automatically sealing.

With high temperature heat sealing system for film such as PE. PVC. POF etc.

Sealing width be adjustable for different size of products.

The feed speed is adjustable according different packaging speed.

Hi-speed hot air circulating system inside shrink tunnel.

Sealing position control by sensors, sealing temperature adjusted by PLC.


Parameters of Panel shrinking machine: 

1.Sealing part                      

2.Shrinking part



The advantage of the Panel packaging by panel shrinking machine:

Nice packaging surface;

Material costs  lower;

Easily maintaining;

Full sides sealing;

Highly efficiency;

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