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Motion side seal shrinking machine | motion sealer shrinking machine

MO-600 is a side sealing and shrinking packing machine that offers mass production packaging capabilities. With its advanced features and efficient operation, this machine is ideal for businesses seeking to streamline their packaging processes and increase productivity. Additionally, the MO-600 is versatile, able to accommodate goods of different heights and widths, providing businesses with great

Side Sealer Shrinking Machine MO-600


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Motion side seal shrinking machine

MO-600 is widely used in sealing and shrinking packing for mass production packaging. It is full-auto type machine, can acheive auto feeding, auto power conveying, auto bagging then sealing&shrinkage. can be suitable for different heights and width of many different goods.

1.The sealing part of transverse cutter is driven by vertical type, while the longitudinal cutter is sealed by constant temperature side cutter.The sealing line is straight and strong, to achieve the perfect sealing effect.
2.The thermostatic heating sealing and cutting system can be used for sealing and cutting various industrial standard shrink films such as POF. For different packaging specifications,only need hand wheel to adjust, increase reliability, much easier to operate.
3.The longitudinal sealing knife can work sustainably and product length not limited.
4.PLC programmable controller,sealing and cutting system can work continuously and smoothly without replacement, and maintenance operation simple.
5.Feeding length is determined by electric eye detection and timer, which can accurately control the length of the film and make the contraction effect easier to control.
6.Add horizontal and vertical electric eyes. For thin or small packaging, can be easily sealing and packaging.
7.Automatic take-up of scrap,single motor control, will not too loose or too tight and crack, waste easy to remove.
8.According to customer needs, can add automatic blowing function.
9.According to customer needs, can add front feeding power conveyor and out-feeding no power storage stacking.

Technical Specification: MO-600
Sealing type side sealing
Power supply 380V/50-60Hz/3phase
Sealing height ≤250 mm
Sealing width ≤600 mm
Product size width+height≤400 mm
Product length infinite
Packing capacity depends on product length
Film type center-folded polyolefin (POF) film or polyethylene(PE)film
Max film size 860mm(width) x 280mm(outer diameter)
Power consumption 12.5kW
Tunnel oven size depends on product length
Tunnel conveyor speed variable
Tunnel conveyor chains with rotating silicon coated rods
Working height 780-820 mm
Air pressure ≤0.5MPa
Sealing system Special durable alloyed sealing knife with anti-stick Teflon coats
Operating panel Siemens colorful touch screen, PLC, Omron temperature controller
Weight 900kg




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