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Shrinking packing machine

FHOPE Group, we specialize in customizing L-type sealing shrinking machines to meet the unique packaging requirements of businesses. Our packaging machines can be easily connected after production lines for further packing, streamlining the packaging process and increasing productivity. Trust us to provide you with high-quality and innovative packaging solutions, helping you stay ahead of the comp

L-Bar Shrinking Machine FP-400LC+SH-450C


L-Bar Shrinking Machine FP-400LC+SH-450C-1 L-Bar Shrinking Machine FP-400LC+SH-450C-2 L-Bar Shrinking Machine FP-400LC+SH-450C-manufacturer L-Bar Shrinking Machine FP-400LC+SH-450C-for sale

FHOPE group customize the packaging machine of sealing & shrinking machine according to your packing requirments. The L-type sealing and shrinking machine is widely used for mass production of carton packaging,without human operation,The packing machine can be auto connected after production line for further packing, It can achieve 10 boxes (1 *10) (2*5) and other forms of packaging.This machine has a high degree of automation, full-automatic mode, more convenient and packing faster, packaging efficiency meets customer high satisfaction. 

1. High quality dupont teflon coating dragon antisticking high-temperature alloy blade
2. Import detection photoelectric, horizontal and vertical directions,
3. The automatic feeding, and automatically adjust the length, automatic induction motor, automatic coiling waste
4. Omron, built-in PID function, and sealing knife automatic alarm function, greatly improve the security
5. Film synchronous mechanism, ensure the film precise location



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