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Automatic Horizontal Coil Packaging line



Automatic horizontal coil packaging line including turnstile, slit coil upender, coil strapping machine, coil wrapping machine, conveyor, coil stacker & pallet wrapping machine. The solution is designed for coil packaging, such as copper coil, stainless steel coil, wire coil...


Specification designing of  Coils Packing Line to connect the packing line with exit of a Slitting Line by coil car/turnstile. We offer the best solution which ensure your maximum production and packaging speed. Automatic solution  is achieved without gap for the unmanned operation.



slit coil packaging line


coil packaging line with stracking system                                                                         

#Coils Packaging Lines technical feature and designing depends on several issues:
Your slit strop coils size, weight and packaging process requirement; Custom-build machine is with impressive functions which can be accomplished in Fhope Slit Coils Packing Lines base on Customers’ choice.
#We offer a best solution to our Customers after communication for all list of packaging functions.
#The drawing available for main construction of the solution.

#When designing the solution of a Coils Packaging Line: our team have the rich experience and knowledge to handle the problem in packaging.



turnstiledown ender

Turnstile                                                                Down ender

coil strapping machinecoil stacker

Coil strapping machine                                      Coil pallet stacker



Coil Turnstile: For connecting with coil car for loading  the slit coil.

Coil down ender: For picking the slit coil from turnstile and changing coil from vertical to horizontal and moving to conveyor.

Coil strapping machine:  For coil strapping by PET/PE/steel belt.

Coil wrapping machine: For coil eye cross wrapping with packing material.

Coil Stacking machine: For  moving and and storage the packed coil on pallet.