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Automatic cable winding machine

automatic cable coiling machine

1) Function:

Cable coil might seem like a simple thing. cable length could be 4, 6, 8 foot, even supper long. And its surface and be smooth and corrugated, also some hose has special heads. So, how can you coil those nice hose up quickly and tightly? There are 2 basic packaging ways to offer you by pipe winding machinery.

a. Stretch film Stretching film is a very nice and common packaging way. First, you need to make the extruded hose into a circle and the circle width, weight are set by yourself. The head should be set, or the hose will be loosen when stretching. Relatively, the hose coiling machine is to be made by your coil regular size range. It can’t be too small from too large by one machine, while stretching can’t cover all the size. Just like an old saying: You can’t have it both ways. So does the pipe winding machine. When stretching, horizontal and vertical packaging action can be chosen. The two ways are also by your coil characters and your requirements. In order to meet your various meets, automatic and semiautomatic winding are available. Our orbital film carriage can make the film stretch evenly and tightly.

    b. Cable Strapping is another great choice for your different and abundant hose coils. You could strap the hose coil directly. We have special designs to make your coil band by your needs. It often can be set even bands. Also, you can strap after stretching film with winding machine, which suits more markets and clients needs. Besides, your hose coil have an excellent packaging protection and make more customers happy, obtain good business reputation. And, hose winding and coiling machine has a huge contribution, to save your labor and time. to know more, please care about our continue.




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