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FPSH-D Series: Panel Packing Machine

panel packaging machinepanel packing machine



FPSH-D series is a automatic shrinking machine for Panels with one side sealing and full sides packaging,... which is with highly efficiency and nice packaging for saving labor and material cost.

panel packing machine

Technical Features:


1.     It can be combined with an automatic production line for automatic shrink wrapping, which including feeding the packing material, sealing, material recover…

2.     Full sides shrinking packaging

3.     Adopts photo electricity for inducing the products for fix the position.

4.     Two feed-in modes, auto/manual can be choosing,

5.     Adopts PE or POF film on rolls, and the machine will seal other three sides automatically.

6.     According to different collocations for the machine and different products

7.     Constant temperature heat sealing and cutting system is suitable for PE. PVC. POF etc, industrial standard shrink films.

8.     The sealing width is adjustable for different products

9.     The front feed in systems speed is adjustable, combines a worktable at the end of the tunnel, makes whole machine highly automatic, it runs automatically without an operator comes true.

10.   Hi-speed hot air circulating shrink tunnel.

11.   Sealing system: permanently heated seal bar with easy-exchangeable sealing blade without odorous, temperature controlled and detected by PLC



Technical Datepanel shrink wrapping machine


1.Sealing part

Control: PLC

Structure Material: Carbon steel

Packing Objects:

Length: 300-1000mm

Width: 30-500mm

Height: 180-500mm

Height of Working Table: app. 800mm

Conveyor speed: app. 4-9m/min

Packaging Type: Full packaging

Packing Material:  PE/POF/PVC film with reserve pore.

Sealing part power consumption: app.1.8KW

Power Supply: 380V

Air Supply: 6~8kgf/cm2


2. Shrinking part

Structure Material: Carbon Steel


Shrinking tunnel:4000mm

Shrinking Side: W 500mm x 300mm

Heating Power Consumption: App.15Kw

Calorific: 4PCS

Cooling Fans: 1 Group

Drive Part: Frequency control Motor

Conveyor speed: app. 6m/min

Temperature: 100℃-220℃

Packing Material: PE/POF film with reserve pore.

Power Supply: 380V


door wrapping machine-Fhope

     Door Wrapping Machine_FHOPE-H1200

Door wrapping machine is another efficiency packing solution for door industry, the packing material is LLDPE stretch film.


spiral orbital wrapper


 Panel wrapping machine

Well protect the good from transport damage. Reduce  Material and Save Packing costs, no limited length panel wrapping


panel packaging line

Panel packaging line

The automatic panel packing machine and wrapping system for panel packaging solution. Including program control system




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