panel shrinking machine/packing machine

This automatic panel shrinking machine shrinks and packs EPS boards, sandwich panels, MDF boards and other types of boards. It bundles boards of the same size, seals and wraps them on one or multiple sides for protection and presents them on pallets ready for storage and shipping.

Key Features of the Panel Shrinking Machine
•Can handle board sizes ranging from 600x1200mm to 3200x20000mm and thicknesses from 10mm to 100mm.
•Uses adjustable straps and stretch film for bundling boards of different dimensions into bundles of the same size.
•Includes side sealing and wrapping, partial wrapping or full wrapping options as per specifications.
•Sealing is done using a hot melt adhesive seal and wrap uses stretch film.
• PLC control system for automatic sequence, tension and cutting operations.
•Safety features to prevent injuries like light curtains, emergency buttons, overload sensors, etc.
•Robust construction suited for continuous operations in manufacturing setups.
•Adjustable settings for number of boards in a bundle and tightness for optimal bundle size.

Key Benefits of the Panel Shrinking Machine
•Faster bundling and packing output than manual operations. Can bundle and pack over 50 tons of boards per day.
•Consistent bundle size, quality and shrinkage ensuring safe storage and transportation.
•Safer working environment with no manual handling of hot melt adhesives or sharp board edges.
•Lower material costs due to optimized use of adhesives, straps and stretch films.
•Reduced wastage from bundled boards and minimized damage/rejects.
•Lower labor costs as a single operator can monitor multiple machines.
•Increased productivity, volume output and profitability at lower operating costs.
•Bespoke bundling solutions based on customer requirements for diverse board types.
•Enhanced brand value through high quality, damage-free products and on-time deliveries.

An automatic panel shrinking machine automates the process of bundling and packing EPS boards, sandwich panels, MDF boards and other types of boards. It helps manufacturers optimize resources, reduce costs, improve quality and ensure safety while maximizing productivity and profits. Such a solution is ideal for businesses focused on performance, partnership and profitability.

This automatic PANEL shrinking machine for handling and packing your eps panel, sandwich pancle…with one side sealing and full sides packaging,… which is with highly efficiency and nice packaging for saving labor and material cost.

The machine works for EPS board bundle shrinking, MDF board shrinking…

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