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The major field wrapping machines for is for door, window, panel, board industries. We have rich experience in this field which has given us the ability to provide all types of door, window companies no matter the smallest or the biggest ones according their specification requirement and we are supply machine in different branch of industries.

                                                                     Iindustries of flooring  (Parquet floor, solid wood floor , Cork floor, or Laminate floor ).

                                                                     Industries of moulding (solid wood, profile, strips, panels... ).

                                                                     Industries of  bathroom and kitchen.

                                                                     Industries of furniture (knockdown).

                                                                     Industries of board (wall boards,bench board, ceiling board..., ).

                                                                     Industries of Door and window .


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           Door wrapping 

 Door wrapping machine is a kind of horizontal wrapping machine. The packing material is LLDPE stretch film. PLC&HMI control, which is about to on line automatic wrapping.

         Door Shrinking

 Door shrinking machine is one of most popular packing machine in the market by door and window manufacturer. The machine with nice full sealing package was well received by the market.



                  Board Wrapping

 Board wrapping machine with automatic material feeding and cutting system achieves you automatic packing goal. The packing material is LLDPE/PE...

               Board Shrinking

 The package by board shrinking machine is with smoothly, nicely surface. The machine is similar with door shrinking machine and alternatively.


                     Panel Wrapping

Panel wrapping machine is can be designed according different sides of panel,and no length limited. Max.width can be 2000mm


              Panel Shrinking

 The package by Panel shrinking machine is with smoothly, nicely surface. It can be used to all sides panel shrink wrapping packaging.


                    Floor Wrapping

The horizontal wrapping machine is a solution for floor wrapping. For detail information you can click Horizontal Wrapping Machine



                   Floor Shrinking

 The best packaging solution for the floor, which can be adjusted according different length of floor.

Nice surface and high speed are the key selling points.


            Window Wrapping

The window wrapping solution can be horizontal wrapping, pallet wrapping accordingly. Pictures shows a economic packing method.

                Window Shrinking

It is a machine for the high police in the nice package and surface. The PE film allowed well prevent from the damage, dust and scuffing...The Max.width can up to 2000mm



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