video of the panel shrink wrap machine

panel shrink wrap machine automatic for bundle infeeding, film covering and sealing, automatic cutting, bundle shrinking and out feeding. The opeation stepes.

Opeation with PLC and HMI program.

High speed shrink packing.

panel shrink wrap machine manufacturer

more information:

The machine being referred to is a shrinking machine that is used to shrink-wrap products for efficient packaging and transportation. The machine can be connected to a shrinking tunnel, which is used to evenly distribute heat to every corner of the shrinking machine for efficient and effective shrink-wrapping.

The machine is designed with two wind blowers that are used to distribute heat evenly throughout the shrinking machine. The machine is programmed with all the necessary settings and indications in the HMI (Human Machine Interface), making it easy and convenient for operators to use. The HMI screen is also able to show error messages when the machine alarms.

The machine is designed with a solid steel pole that outsources the imported silicon rubber tube. The chain pole type transportation is durable, ensuring that the machine can handle heavy loads and is long-lasting. The conveyor chain of different materials can also be used according to different products, making the machine versatile and adaptable to different packaging requirements.

The machine is also equipped with a cooling fan, which is used to quickly cool and finalize the product after heat shrinkage. This ensures that the product is ready for transportation and storage as soon as possible.

Overall, the shrinking machine is a valuable tool in manufacturing and production facilities, as it helps to increase efficiency and productivity by automating the shrink-wrapping process. The machine is available in a range of sizes and configurations to suit different product sizes and types and can be customized with additional features and options to meet specific needs. If you are interested in this machine, you can contact the manufacturer for more information.

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