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Sleeve shrink packaging machine is best automatic packing way for water bottle. This packaging machine can directly dock the upstream production line, and the bottles can flow to the packaging station without human interruption. After automatic grouping and finishing, film covering, film sealing and cutting, they are transported into the shrinking furnace one by one. The proper temperature can mak

water bottle shrink packaging machine


For water bottle packaging, FHOPE provides a classical type of shrink packaging machine to customers. Its sleeve shrink packaging machine. Sleeve is a very vivid metaphor for packaging effect and packaging process. If you don't believe it, please look carefully the packaged bottles.

A group of bottles is covered with film, sealed and cut, and then the outer layer of the group of bottles that is shrink-wrapped is tightly covered with a layer of packaging material, and two gaps are formed on the sides of the group of bottles. This is exactly a sleeve. Maybe you may wonder if this packaging method has enough tightening force on the bottle and how to ensure that the bottle does not scatter.

This is a good question. Yes, after being roasted in the proper temperature of the shrink oven, the sleeve will be firmly fixed to the four corners of a group of bottles, and it forms a good balance of tension and strength with the other sides. This is exactly the charm and characteristics of the shrink packaging machine for water bottle.




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