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Our Yellow Jacket Pallet Wrappers meet the challenge of balancing high productivity with the need for flexibility across a diverse range of products. These opposing requirements can make it difficult to find an ideal solution, with highly productive machines often lacking flexibility and flexible machines struggling to achieve high production levels. Trust us to deliver a pallet wrapping solution

Yellow Jacket Pallet Wrappers


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The innovative concept of integrating an orbital wrapper with a "remain on forklift" operational design has secured a patent. 

With remote control, the operator sit on the truck lifter for pallet wrapping.

In this system, the operator uses a forklift to position the pallet load within the machine's framework. 

During the pallet wrapping process, the ring orbits around the palletized product, 

while the precise film overlap is regulated by the bidirectional movement of the wrapping unit.

Manual horizontal packaging machine for packaging long materials with stretch film

Application areas:
Low cost alternative to hand-wrapped long materials
Bundle the full package of the product to protect the product or package
Ideal for picking and customer specific products
Your interests:
Low cost and quick replacement for manual packaging
Consistent appearance of the package
Very suitable for picking goods
Different diameters of many product types of different shapes and sizes

Small footprint

Fhope packaging machines have the highest production speed and lowest operating costs. 

Machine shape:

For different customer requirements, we have the following plans.


Pre-Sales Service

* Inquiry and technical consulting support. 
* Sample testing support. 
* Study travel to your Factory and know your need.
* Solution drawing per specification
* Our factory visiting.

After-Sales Service

* Installation & commissioning with training how to instal the packaging machine, training how to use the machine. 
* Engineers available to service machinery overseas.
* Online technical support.
* Modification service                                                   




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