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Automatic wire coil compacting and strapping solution

Automatic wire coil compacting and strapping solution

The automatic wire coil compacting and strapping line is a solution for substantial production demand. Well packed product is able to against all the possible erosion. High water proof and dust proof quality keeps your product away from water spots and dust or other substance which may affect the quality of your commodity.

Both semi-automatic and full-automatic type can be provided. Specific design and plan will be made by our engineering team according to the data provided by the customers. From compacting to strapping to wrapping, our packing line will give a perfect package as you want. PET or steel belt, stretch film, PVC, our machine can apply to different types of packaging material. Special setting can be set by the users themselves, which reduces waste and improve efficiency dramatically.

Technical specifications&performance:

We are responsible for the whole equipment design, the equipment integrity, and the completeness& accuracy of all the documents.

All of the design are based on Metric standard and comply with the existing ISO standards.All bearings are adopted according to International standards.



The operator should put a basket towards with its wire coil on the carrier and the carrier functions the coil into constricting station.

It's an automatic solution for connecting the constricting with pulling machine to managing the basket.

It makes the basket obtaining the wire coil.

This automatic line has the capacity to lift up your production extremely and lower the labor charges.

Automatic wire coil packaging line adds of double wrapping station for film wrapping and paper wrapping with in fostering and out fostering conveyor.

Automatic coil strapping machine and coil stacker & pallet wrapping machine can be added on this line for automatic function.

It can be connected with production line.


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