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Economic Steel Coil Packaging Line


Slitting steel coil packing line | Economic Version


The vertical steel coil packaging line is an economical slitting coil handling and packing line, which consists of a coil trolley, a feeding channel, a vertical steel coil packaging machine, a out-feding channel, a loading stacker, a storage conveyor and a master control cabinet. Coil feeding and coil stacking are locate at the coil trolley. After palletizing, the coil on the stack turnover device is moving to the out-feeding conveyor. 

Coils trolley


The coil trolley will separate individual coils one by one and put them into the coil packaging machine.

✧ This station Include  trolley, coil position adjustment, track and control sensor, etc.

✧ The trolley can be used for storing the slitting coil.

✧ The motor drives the trolley forward and backward, which is stable and easy feeding the coil into the packaging station.

✧ Coils with different widths can be roll into the channel by gravity from the trolley.

✧ Coil surface and operation safety are protected by multiple restrictions.


Feeding-in passway


It is a channel connecting the coil feeding trolley and the vertical roll packaging machine, which can help the coil entering the vertical coil roller station. In order to support the coil in rolling into coil rolling position, it automatically adjustable according to the coil width.


✧ Adopt durable high-quality steel structure.

The adjustable channel width is driven by the motor per width of the steel coil.

✧ The bottom of the channel is covered with nylon.

 Slitting steel coil packing line | Economic Version


Vertical coil packaging machine

Suitable for steel coil eye through packaging machine that is covering the plastic film and paper on coil surface. This machine is for replacing manual packaging and improving the effective packaging for heavy steel coils.
A package buffering device is used for lower and mininize the coil impection.
The function of the pushing device is to shifting the steel coil from rollers position to the discharge channel.


Equipment performance

1. Coil loading mathod


✧ Clitting coils loading by crane

✧ Coil rolling into and out from the wrapping machine station by gravity

 Slitting steel coil packing line | Economic Version

Basic data of steel coil info:


✧ Single coil size: width 40-500mm, OD 650-1500 mm, ID Φ508/Φ610mm, weight 6000Kg

✧ Packaging material:

      woven tape/composite paper tape W=100mm, OD=450-500mm, ID=55mm

      Stretch film: W=100, OD=100-180mm, ID=50mm

✧ Ring speed: about 80r/min (frequency converter adjustment)

✧ Overlapping range: 20%-70%




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