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Moible Pallet Changing machine for heavy load

The mobile pallet changer is a versatile handling equipment that is used to change pallets in a variety of applications. It is designed to be powered by a battery, offering mobility and flexibility in a range of environments and situations. This equipment provides efficient and reliable pallet handling, making it an ideal choice for businesses seeking a cost-effective and versatile solution for th

Moible Pallet Changer-Plus A


MOBILE PALLET CHAGNER is an battery drived electrical pallet truck used to change the pallets for various applications. It is easily exchanges the various pallets, also separating the stacks and distributing them over several pallet. The machine drive by battery

1. Excellent collections. Well-known brands are adopted for main components.
2. Prevent from manual stacking of goods effectively.
3. Strong structure and durable designing.
4. Battery driving with long life and high performance
5. Lifting and upending capacity 1000Kg
6. Clamper speed up the time for clamping, speed of turning is adjustable.
7. Automatic rotation the pallet with 180 degree that is easy for changing the pallet.
8. Easy handling and maintainment.
  1. Technical parameter FPFZ-M01:
Name Unit Lifting height 1.6m
Max. Loading kg 1500
Length Fork arm size mm 1100*165*50
Machine size mm 2250
Width Wheels distance width mm 520
Machine width mm 850
Height Fork arm Height mm 1600
Handle height mm 1490
Fork arm opening range mm 1400
Machine weight kg 1200
Turning direction mm 1250
Unloading moving speed km/h 5
Loading moving speed km/h 4
Loading gradient % 10
Lifting motor kw 2.2
Driving motor kw 1.2
Bettary working hour hour App. 6 hour per time



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