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Automaic motion side seal shrink wrapping machine manufacturer for industry packing

The sides sealer / motion sealing machine and shrinking tunnel works for different size package in box, bottle, board, cans...Fhope also provides the customized packing line designing and OEM service.

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Full-automatic double side sealing&shrinking machine, with horizontal conveyor, with international advanced high-speed edge sealing technology, suitable for large-size packaging development of a new type of full-automatic sealing and cutting machine. Two rolls of film on top and bottom, the envelop and the product advance synchronously, the edge sealing device can heat seal the top and bottom two films at the same time and cut off automatically.

Horizontal Double Side Sealer & shrinking tunnel

Horizontal Double Side Sealer & shrinking tunnel
*Suitable for doors, furniture, ladders, mattresses and other products completely closed packaging;
*0.04 ~ 0.18mm PE shrinkage film can be selected.
*Siemens PLC program controller realizes the integration of machine, electricity and gas.
*Equipped with imported horizontal and vertical product detection photoelectric group。
*Automatic collection of waste materials for easy cleaning。
Horizontal Double Side Sealer & shrinking tunnel


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