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Tyre packing machine, tire wrapping machine manufacturer

Different tyre packing machine solution works for tyre packing in different packing materials. The tyre wrapping speed upto 15 sec per pcs. Easy operation by operator.

Tyre Packing Machine

The FPT series tire packaging machine is mainly used in the packaging of the tire, as well as the hose reel, tube roll, etc. The advantage is that it is efficient, saving labor and material cost.
 The machine is waterproof, dustproof, rustproof, rust-proof, anti-aging effect. And effectively protect the normal operation of the machine. This design will not only help you save labor, save your warehouse space, improve your productivity, but also decorate your product effectively.
There are different tyre packing machine versions via tyre size, weight...


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Tyre packing machines

  • Automatic Tire Packaging Line

    Automatic Tire Packaging LineAutomatic Tire Packaging Line The automatic tyre packing line is an automation system is composed of horizontal tire wrapping machine, information reading, sending and tyre palletizing. The packing a high level packing line line that is is able automatic tapping the tyre OD, the packing material can be ex-changing automatic. The ...

  • Tyre Packing Machine FPT-400

    Tyre Packing Machine FPT-400It is an automatic machine. It can cut down the film automatically. It releases the labor from manual tyre packing.The overlapping of the packing can be up to 90%. ...

  • Tyre Packing Machine FPT-300

    Tyre Packing Machine FPT-300The tyre packing machine is capable of doing effectively whole packing quality of tyres, and enabling outer packing from the tyres to become more beautiful. It also operate easily. Some functions are in accordance with customers' specification....

  • Tyre Packing Machine FPT-200

    Tyre Packing Machine FPT-200This is a packaging machine designed for motorcycle tires, which can be packed with lightweight tires to avoid shaking. With the help of cylinder bracket to support roller, it is easier to operate the packing.It replaces the labor of manual tyre packaging....