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Customized mechanical & hydraulic upender

up ender machine

Gravity and power conveyors allow integration with the production line. Raise the platform and place the maintenance safety bar on the platform.
Be sure to remove the service bar before activation, otherwise the reinforcement may be damaged.

up ender machine

Designs to accommodate special electrical requirements. Using the control box or optional foot switches, check for proper operation. When the UPENDER button is depressed the platform should raise. 


Quarterly maintenance:
The following should be performed by qualified service personnel at least quarterly:
1) Check the wear and correct adjustment of the chain and drive components (sprocket, bushing, etc.). See the instructions for adjusting the chain.
2) Check the gear reducer oil level. If necessary, bring oil to correct the operating level. See the manual cover of the gearbox section.
3) Rinse all bearings with grease. There are all types of fittings in all bearing positions and are equipped with a red plastic detachable cap. Please refer to the drawing of the grease point location. Use high quality multi-purpose grease.
4) Check if the steering wheel is worn.
5) Adjust the spring load motor brake if necessary - see brake detail
6) Check all wires and components for wear.
up ender machine
up ender machine
up ender machine
up ender machine

up ender machine

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up ender machine
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