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precast slab upender

A precast slab upender flips slabs rapidly yet carefully, expediting installation while preserving safety. It handles large, heavy slabs, improving a manual process prone to injury or damage. Manual slab flipping proves perilous and time-consuming. Upenders transform this through automation, delivering economical efficiency and high quality. Flipping slabs up to square footage or tonnage limi

Precast slab upender


Precast slab upender is designed for hard heavy but fragile products. The machine is powered by hydraulic cylinder, fast but smooth and steady.
Easy operation for users, one button to start the machine.
Heavy load capacity, customization is available for larger loads.

Easy maintenance, less costs for the long term development.



A precast slab upender is a type of machine that is used to flip or invert precast concrete slabs. Precast concrete slabs are large, flat concrete structures that are manufactured offsite and then transported to the construction site for installation. Upending these slabs can be difficult and time-consuming when done manually,

so a precast slab upender can be used to make the process more efficient and safer.

Precast slab upenders typically use hydraulic or pneumatic actuation to lift and flip the slabs. They may also be equipped with adjustable speed and force controls to allow for precise handling of the slabs. Some precast slab upenders may also have safety features such as guards or sensors to prevent accidents.

Precast slab upenders are used in the construction industry to handle and install precast concrete slabs. They are often used in the construction of buildings, bridges, and other structures, and are typically used in conjunction with other equipment such as cranes and forklifts.




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