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FHOPE-H Series: Board wrapping machine






This is an foam board shrink wrapping machine which designed for insulation board, foam board, MDF board packaging. It is a shrinking type packing machine. The board get through the film roll by conveyor and the film covering the board. While covering finished, the sealer cut and sealed the film. So that the film covered board moving into shrinking tunnel  for long shape board's shrink wrapping.The control system can be semiauto or automatic per shrink packing requirement. Conveyor size and length of shrinking tunnel can be made per board size and packing speed.  The board wrapping machine is able work for one pics board or stacked board.


Special designs

a) The touch screen and control system is for programming and easily operation.
b) Automatic sealing station for film feeding and cutting.
c) Good temperature control and high shrinking speed.
d) Flexible packing for small to big board.
e) Film feeder is easy to install and operate.
f) Reliable designing with strong structure.
g) The mechanical cutter work for different thickness packing material.

h) Safety operation and easy maintainment.




 Control: PLC
Structure Material: Carbon steel
Shrinking Object: Form board
Height: 20-500mm
Width: 200-1200mm
Length: 500-3000mm
Max weight:2- 30kg
Height of Working Table: app. 800mm
Conveyor speed: app. 0-12m/min
Packing Material: PE film, BOPP, PVC
In feed conveyor belt length: 1500mm
Sealing part power consumption: app.3.5KW
Power Supply: 380V 50HZ 3phase
Air Supply: 6~8kgf/cm2
Machine weight: app. 500kg

2. Shrinking part

Structure Material: Carbon Steel
Shrinking Tunnel: L4500 ×W 1400mm × H1300mm
Heating Power Consumption: App.55Kw
Drive Part: Frequency control Motor
Conveyor speed: app. 0-8m/min
Temperature: 100℃-220℃
Packing Material: PE Film, 40-100 micron thick (30-150micron are available.)
Power Supply: 380V 50HZ 3phase
Machine weight: app. 700kg

 Note: Can be designed according your specification.

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