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Radial steel coil strapping machine in coil packing line

The radial steel coil strapping machine is the necessary equipment that is for steel belt eye through application. It has been designed with modularity with a range of machine options to suit wide range coil strapping and special strapping goal. In considering the steel industry’s needs, the strapping machine designed both works for cold and hot rolling mill operations:
- matching the high production throughputs
- improved coil packaging and protection
- lower costs of ownership & easy maintenance.
Radial steel coil strapping machine
Radial steel coil strapping machine
Radial steel cold roll strapping machine
The radial steel coil strapping machine includes the rotation hand that is able turning the strapping hand and arch to do coil strappping in different position. The machine can accommodate widths from 19-32mm steel belt for big range of strapping needs. By this way, the coil handling line no need modifiation for coil rotation. The strapping machine has features that allow for increased flexibility and easy service and maintenance.


Rotation strapping head and arch for 360 degree turning and strapping application.

Eye through coil strapping

Meets for hot roll coiland  coil roll coil strapping

Both semiauto and automatic straping proecssion mode with program system

Long life strapping head upto 1 milliom strapping times .

In order to protect the products from being strappped too tightly, FHOPE providing the automatic cardboard  inserting or corner protectors applicator soltuion. That is able protecting the products by material between the goods and the strapping material.

More information about the steel coil strapping machine feel free contact with our team.


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