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FPW Series: Wire coil wrapping machine-FPW-800


steel wire packing machine.


FPW-800 wire coil wrapping machine is an packing equipment for wire coil with function of trolley for loading and unloading. It is mainly used to  pre-strand wire coil packaging requirement, PC wire coil packaging,.. And it is an highly quality equipment and well received by market.



1.Both automatic and semi-auto working mode for different operation.
2.Film,paper,HDPE... are available.
3.Wrapped with anti-wear polyurethane active & passive friction wheels and integral mould structure devices antiskid and safe, making package object more stable and tidier.
4.Different packing materials might be adopted: woven belt, compound paper, crepe paper, non-woven fabric, sackcloth tape, stretch film, PE film, LLDPE film, HLDPE film and so on. 
5.Ring center height could be changed based on the wire coil specification.
6.Overlap extent and tension degree of packing material could be regulated as the customers’ need.
7.The mechanical hand device can be used to feeding & cutting packing material automatically.
8.Pushing-out device is optional, to carry out the packaged wire coil easier and more convenient.
9.Labeling device and side press roller can be use on the basis of customers’ requirement and packing coil characters.
10.Special cutter with cylinder, could cut various kinds of packing materials.
 Note: Can be designed according your specification.





Voltage (V/Hz)

380v 50Hz 3Phase

Power (KW)


Steel wire coil ID(mm)


Steel wire coil OD(mm)


Steel wire coil width(mm)


Steel wire coil Weight(Kg)


Packing material


ID:50mm  OD:100-250mm  Width:100-300mm

Overlapping rate


Air supply.



The machinery is flexible for specification requirements, which can be designed almost any size of steel wire coil. It can operate with remaining stationary and loading coils presented by crane, C-hook or truck to a mobile coil trolley that traverses into a packaging station. Coils can also be brought to the station by coil trolley or coil tipper, coil tilter conveyor. The machine can also move in and out, positioning itself by limited sensors alongside a packing station, or keeping on floor rails enabling the machine to move to several packing stations. Supportive rolls are incorporated into the packaging station and can be either stationary or mobile with truck as well.


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