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Slitting Coil Packaging Line

Coil packaging line is an essential system to increasing the coil handling capacity when doing any slitting production and operation. The purpose of the carefully designed in slitting coil strapping binding line is to make your process of coil picking up, weighing, strapping, stacking for the slitted coils more efficient. It should be noted that the speed and capacity of the packing line must be on the same level as that of the specific slitter line. Coil packaging equipment provides by FHOPE is the perfect substitute for high-yield slitting production line that was well received in the market.

1. Advanced slitting coil packaging and handling line

Slitting coil packaging line

Slitting coil packaging line

Automation slitting coil handling and packaging line, as it named automation, is definitely  designed and used for high output slitting coil handing in less man work intervene. Because of it is an keep point and requirement to keep the coil handling output automatically so that for keep the same speed as slitter running optimally. So these advanced slit coil handling systems can not be separated from the factory system provided by the basic line and the intermediate line. It should be an whole project. For connecting the basic slitter system and the intermediate system of the storage in the slitting coil production, the advanced slitting coil packing line covers the automatic coil car for coil shifting, down ender for single slitted coil picking up and lay-down, entrance storage conveyor belt, weighing conveyor belt and semi-automatic strapping station. Different from the first two, the advanced coil slitting system also provides a fully automatic strapping station,The eye through wrapping and stacking system is avaible too. From there, the automatic turning table can receive the goods from the strapping or packing machine (delivered by the automatic crane). The sorting table is able receiving the steel coil per setting in width, OD and stacking height. The program can be customized per coil storage logic. After stacking, the coil pallet can be pushed onto the storage conveyor belt by pushing device, where the load can be weighed, labeling  or film covering or top and boby wrapping by stretch film wrapper around of  the coil pallet load, which can provide protection covering for the transporation.

2. Slitting coil packaging line

Slitting coil packaging line

As with the basic slitting coil packing line that is handling the coil vertical from coiler to the wrapping station. The coil car and lifter automatic pick-up and drop-down automatically removes the slit coil strip from the exit turnstile and places it on the coil storage position for buffering or move to the trolley system. The weighing of a single coil can be realized on a conveyor belt and then sent to a strapping station. Semi-automatic bundling station is then used to bundle coils. A fully automatic strapping machine is also available. Automatic trolley lifter pick up coils, gathering and transport them to different positions, which can reduce a lot of human resources.

3. Basic slitting coil packaging

Slitting coil packaging line

Slitting coil packaging line

The baic functions that can not only be found on higher-end strapping lines can also be found on our most basic systems to reduce the man power and manually operation. This is an economic solution. Different from the usual coil handling that taking out by crane manually,  the coil can be transferred from the coiler to the turnstile by using the coil car or coiler trolley in this basic packing line. The line provides an automatic slitted coil speration handling, pick-up and down ending with good coil protection. The movement of the slit coils strip can be done on the exit turnstile by this device, and then the slit coil strip will be tilted by 90  degree and placed on the coil storage conveyor. All procession by program and checking by sensors. This can prevent the optical gauge material from being pulled out when the inner coil is wound. The weight of a single coil can be checking on a roller conveyor that the weight information will be sharing to the control system. And then the coil sent to a strapping station. Our basic system usually includes a turntbale for manully trapping with tool or semi-automatic strapping machine. After binding the coil, use the manual jog crane with grab that includes inner diameter holder or forkarms to transfer the coil to the slide rail. Besides the other choice is by maget stacker. The coils can be located above the pallet on the table or on the ground. The pallet enables the forklift truck to easily handling and shifting to the right position.

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