Steel Industry Packaging

Steel Industry Packaging

The video and case of the steel industry packing solution, includes sthe steel coil, slitting coil, wire coil, aluminum coil...The main solution is automation projects.

 As a manufacturer, FHOPE providing the packing solution for steel industry with turnkey projects.

The solution includes, cold roll steel coil packing line that indludes the master coil wrapper, strapping machine, coil car system...

Automatic steel wire coil packing system includes, wire rod coil strapping machine, wrapping machine, strapping machine...

Slitting coil packing line for economic coil packing line or automation in coil handling, packing, storage handling...The automatic strapping machine on the conveyor for eye through strapping with precise positioning per each single strip.

The inovation of the packing system will be able to installation and training with full knowledge of the documents. And after service team.

FHOPE had becomed a full range supplier and a full range coil packing system manufacturer.




Better Value Control: With the advancement of new technology — specifically machine vision utilizing artificial understanding, which let the computers to “view” loopholes for example human resources do — this is vital. The designers of some modern quality control systems are going as distant as to say that their systems don’t make errors and can catch approximately 100% of errors.

In the past, automation solutions weren’t always strong enough to wholly automate the job of supporting coil packaging line quality control. At the same time, the mundane and repeated work of examining all items was left to human workers.



Reduced Labor Costs: Presently, with the unemployment rate attaining momentous lows in the world and consumer demand advancing to rise, many steel industry companies are starting to feel the effects of a progressively competitive labor market. Workers have more alternatives for employment, driving up gross and finally increasing labor charges.

One feasible solution to this issue is automation the coil packaging. By automating as much of the packaging line as feasible, companies can make sure that workers are only being hired when they are required, and then take away workers from the packaging procedure when they aren’t required.

Better Information Access: More and more frequently, designers of packaging line automation systems in the steel industry are building the design of human-machine connections which a high priority. These better HMCs can make it simpler for workers and managers to introduce information which is appropriate to individual machines and packaging line procedures.

Automated packaging lines can provide notable benefits for product manufacturers. By taking on the liability of repeated and mundane tasks, these systems can lessen the risk of ergonomic injury and move the workers to higher-value tasks where they’re more extremely required. These systems can also increase productivity and make better the quality control steps, all of which changes to better success in the long run.




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© Copyright 2023 SHAGNHAI FHOPE MACHINERY CO.,LTD - All Rights Reserved