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Coil transfer car
Coil transfer car for the moving the coil in metallurgical industry. It used in the coil slitting line, coil handling, coil packaging, coil stacking... It can be connects to the coil car of slitting line, coil turnstile and coil down ender to replace the crane handling...
Features of coil upender
1. Safe operating system
2. Motor power tracking

The characteristics of the reel machine:

1. Special structure design, lifting coil and rotating coil.
2. Heavy design ground transportation drive device
3. Speed regulating inverter
4. Safety operation is limited by manual and automatic control.
5. Automatic location of loading and unloading.
6. Emergency stop and position lock function.
1. Manual control box or remote control
2. Speed regulating inverter
Maximum load: 20t
Power: 380V 60Hz
Mode of work: semi-automatic
Transfer: by orbit
Turning degree: 360°
Fhopepack is a high performance, price compatible coil transfer vehicle and all heavy duty coil cars. It can provide digital speed control and custom design. There are 21 warranty and all machine files and files are included. The company's tilting frame is the result, and over 15 years of experience in design, manufacture and application. The products are made in China.

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