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Automatic hose coiling machine FCL-600


Automatic pipe coiler-FCL100


Automatic pipe coiler-FCL1200


1) Function:

The automatic hose coiling machine is for automatic calculating the tube length, coil making and cutting. And then hold the tube coil to move it to the next procession station automatically.  The figure can be set in the PLC control program.


2) Features:

1. PLC & HMI control program are used for automatic operation.

2. Parameters can be set on the control program with English.

3. Coiling OD adjustable.

4. Tube cutting length can be adjusted as setting.

5. Two protective guards to fix and move the coiled tube.

6. Automatic error detection function, it will alarm when trouble occurs.

7. Detecting the tube position automatic by sensor.

8. Pressing device making the tube coil fixed and stable.


3) Technical parameter:

Machine No.







Coil size

OD: Φ300-400mm

Height: 40-120mm

ID: Φ200-300mm

OD: Φ400-600mm

Height: 40-200mm

ID: Φ250-400mm

OD: Φ400-800mm

Height: 100-300mm

ID: Φ250-600mm

Tube size


OD: 10-20


Air supply


Coil feed style mode

Hold coil type

Meter counter


Power voltage

AC 415V, 50HZ, 3 phase

(2) Automatic strapping machine


The strapping machine dispenses, tightens and seals polypropylene while coil in strapping position. The machine strap and joins the ends automatically with adjustable tensions by secure heat weld. The motor automatically gets switched off while strap is inserted.




1)        Program control for automatic strapping.

2)        Automatic positioning for different coils.

3)        Tension adjustable for different pipe coil.

4)        Connects with coiling machine.

5)        Taper roll with lifting and downing function.



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